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I love

pretty colors, misty landscapes, overcast mornings, new paint brushes, walking barefoot, filtered sunlight, paint spattered jeans, cutting paper until my fingers are numb, the exhaustion and sheer happiness of a finished project. 

what I do

create magical, theatrical, whimsically elegant displays, installations, murals, chalk art, light boxes, and anything else I can get my hands on. I am equally excited by minute and monumental projects, by working alone or with a team, in personal homes or large restaurants. If you have no idea what you what you want, I will help you dream it. If you know exactly what you want, I will help you create it. 

what's next

contact me with project ideas, fine art commissions, gift ideas, bare chalkboards, empty spaces with dreams of grandeur, installation concepts, or big blank walls that you would like to be less...blank.